Oriole is one of the most legendary and well-known beatmakers in Latvia, one of the pioneers of the “Dirty Deal Audio” collective; nominated several times for the Latvian Music Award (Golden Microphone) as the author of the best electronic music album. Oriole has represented Latvia in several festivals outside Latvia – in Norway, Finland, Estonia and Lithuania. He has released 10 solo albums, together with ansis he recorded “Himnas”, together with Kashuks – “Orka EP” and together with Hunn – “AM I TOO LATE?!”.

Oriole has been making music for twenty years and is one of the most recognized representatives of this field in Latvia. He marches onto new sonically-experimental territories and ideas that often surprise not only the fans and listeners, but the other members of the collective, as well. 

His list of inspirations include music, space, nature, art, architecture, design, good movies, good books and conversations; these impressions have helped him conjure up the music than we can enjoy today, be it sample-based or made from scratch.

20th Anniversary Beat Tape Part Three

20th Anniversary Beat Tape Part Two

20th Anniversary Beat Tape Part One

The Mushroom Music Vol​.​3 (2013)

The Mushroom Music Vol​.​2 (2011)

The Mushroom Music Vol​.​1 (2011)